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MR-Studio: Guitar Store North Shore

Currently our guitar store is only available for online purchases. We plan to open the guitar store for walk ins February 2021

Guitar Store North Shore is part of the MR-Studio Group which provides music lessons, performances and of course guitars in the NSW region

We stock a selective range of guitars and products that are of the highest quality ensuring satisfaction for our guitarists

Our Guitar shop in Sydney is run by musicians not sales people. This means we will only sell you the best fit guitar based on your requirements not based on what we have in stock

We will give honest advice on what guitar will be best for you depending on your level, physical size and the sound you want to achieve

From the absolute beginner to the most advanced guitarist you’ll find what you need here

We also include a 10% Discount on all products for all MR-Studio Students past or present

Guitar Store North Shore Purchases

For international buyers: All Guitar Store products are only available in Australia

Guitar Store products can only be purchased online

You are welcome to book an appointment for a free consultation on what guitar or product will be best for you

Products purchased can be shipped directly and include free shipping or alternatively any product purchased online can be picked up from our Willoughby shop if that’s your preference

Our shipping is only for metropolitan cities in Australia. If you live in a regional area please call us directly to discuss

Payment method:

Credit Cards, Cash and Paypal accepted

Warranty and Returns:

All guitars come with a 12 month warranty.

Faulty goods must be reported and returned within 7 days of receipt of goods.

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Los Pinares by Paco de Lucia

You too could learn to play like this. Get in touch to inquire about our Guitar Lessons

Los Pinares by Paco de Lucia solo guitar free sheet music can be found here