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Group Guitar Lessons Sydney

Our Sydney group guitar lessons are a fun way to get an introduction to guitar and to get you playing quickly

They are open to everyone and anyone with a keenness to learn guitar

Guitars are available onsite if you don’t own one yet and as we have a guitar store we can sell you a brand new guitar at wholesale prices should you want one once enrolled in the course

The Group Guitar Lessons lessons are held over 8 consecutive weeks tailored for beginners where each lesson covers a new beginner topic from basic chords, reading tab, scales to eventually playing a song

Our course will give you an overview with real life examples of how to play your favorite songs, improvise, rhythm guitar and much more

At Group Guitar Lessons Sydney, we make sure our students feel comfortable and get the most from each class with professional feedback

All material used in our group guitar lessons are derived from trusted and recognized international texts and is structured in a easy to understand format

We’ll explain everything thoroughly and work with you to make sure you feel confident with what you’re learning and be on hand to answer any questions

This course will give you an excellent overview in learning guitar and will get you playing quickly

With an instructor who has over 30 years playing/performing/recording experience and over 20 years teaching with experience with all the know-how and guidance you can feel confident we’ll get you playing away in no time

There will also be an opportunity to further your guitar studies should you wish to do so

What you’ll learn at Group Guitar Lessons Sydney

General Group Guitar Lesson

  • Basic Chords and Chord Progressions
  • How to Read TAB and Apply it to Songs
  • Time Signatures and Strumming Patterns
  • How to Use and Play Major Penatonic Scales
  • How to Use and Play Minor Penatonic Scales
  • Rhythm Guitar Patterns
  • How to Read Sheet Music
  • How to Play a Song

Flamenco Group Guitar Lesson

  • Rasgueado techniques
  • Picado techniques
  • Various Rhythmic patterns including Rumba
  • Thumb Techniques
  • Flamenco history
  • Simple Flamenco Song


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Flamenco and Spanish Guitar Group Lessons

General Guitar Group Lessons. Learn the Basics

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P: (02) 8593 9745
M: 0412 355 996
Address: Ground Floor G03/481-483 Willoughby rd, Willoughby 2068 (Behind Wynstan Blinds)

Business Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 to 18:00

Group Guitar Lessons

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