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Mike holds an AMusA and Bachelor of Music. He has been playing guitar for over 30 years and teaching for the last 20. Mike teaches all styles of guitar such as rock, pop, jazz contemporary etc. and specialises in Flamenco and Classical guitar. His lessons are suitable for all ages and levels. The Guitar lessons are structured, fun and tailored for students. You’re guaranteed to see weekly progress and will be playing songs, master pieces, improvising and composing/rearranging before you know it.

Google Reviews

I’m a self taught guitarist whose been playing almost 15 years. I wanted to get past some plateaus in my playing and learn theory and Mike has been great for it. Mike has a relaxed vibe and takes a real interest in seeing you progress. He mixes in his teaching with great insights and tips in how to apply it to your playing. His lessons are flexible and focused around where you want to go with your playing.He also goes beyond and tries to link you in with other people to play music with or venues/gigs that could be a good fit. If you are looking to start playing or feel a bit stuck in your playing, Mike is a great teacher and definitely worth checking more
19:41 19 Dec 17
I wish I had come here sooner. I've been teaching myself to play the guitar for the last 12 months using the Internet with not much success. Mike provides structured lessons and sets expectations with time frames as to when you can start playing songs or doing improvisation etc. He's very patient and explains things well. He is also able to mix up the class if things get tough to keep the lessons enjoyable. I'm really loving my guitar more
Larissa Korsta
20:39 05 Feb 18
Mike is an extremely talented musician. I'm very happy with my guitar lessons and the progress I'm making. Mike is able to mix up the class to include supplementary material and incorporate other aspects of music to give the bigger picture such as singing and other musical instruments. If you want to master music and become a really good guitarist at the same time then I recommend you give Mike a more
maurice khoury
22:29 17 Feb 18
Mike has been teaching my 12 year old daughter the guitar for the last 6 months. She's been making great progress. His teaching style is very encouraging, structured and he is able to introduce alternative things when he can see she is struggling. He keeps her motivation high by teaching her things she wants to learn. I recommend Mike for anyone with children wanting to learn more
Audry Fordham
22:23 24 Feb 18
Mike has been teaching my two young children guitar and piano twice a week for the last year. He is very patient and encouraging. He creates an environment for learning. If you have children wanting to learn guitar and piano or either then I recommend you bring them to Mikeread more
Thomas Latif
21:01 03 Mar 18

Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney

Located in Willoughby, Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney has an outstanding record of success. We deliver great results for all our guitar students and ensure expectations are met. We use our tertiary qualifications, composition and performance experience to ensure all guitar students make substantial improvement and learn to enjoy and appreciate the guitar. Like anything, practice makes perfect and at Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney, We’ll inspire you to practice and become a complete and better guitarist. If you can’t make to the studio we can come to you and provide guitar lessons as we cater for other North Shore locations such as Crows Nest, Artarmon, Chatswood etc. We also provide Skype Guitar Lessons.

Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney Beginner Course

At your first guitar lesson, we’ll discuss your expectations and design a course that’s right for you. We uses a wide range of internationally acclaimed texts, AMEB texts and experience to get you started. Beginner guitarists can expect to learn music notation, TAB, basic guitar rhythm and beginner music technique. Once a solid foundation is built we’ll then explore all the different guitar genres available to a guitarist like contemporary, pop, rock, metal, classical, jazz, flamenco. We can also focus on Australian Music Examination Board Exams, musical theatre, singing etc.
As we progress, you will learn more notes, theory, styles, rhythms, improvisation and songs and will learn how to vary the sounds on the guitar including percussive techniques which most other teachers can’t teach. Students will find the guitar lessons fun and at their own pace. Improvement and progress will be a combination of practice, motivation and by having an experienced teacher give a structured, fun, informable guitar lesson.

Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney Intermediate and Advanced course

Intermediate and advanced guitarists looking to advance their playing technique and repertoire are advised to call first. We will discuss your current status, technique, guitar lesson history, future goals, any exam requirements and performances. By doing this we move straight to correct technical development, theory and exercises in your first class.

​Skype Guitar Lessons

Is traveling is a problem? Get personal one on one Skype guitar lessons anywhere from the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is the internet, your guitar and a webcam, it’s that easy, we’ll provide all the learning material. We currently have students all over Australia all the way to Argentina. Skype guitar lessons are available to all guitarists levels and ages from the absolute beginner to the most advanced. Get in touch for more information. If you live in the North Shore area such as Crows Nest, Artarmon, Chatswood etc and can’t come to the studio we can come to you and provide home guitar lessons if Skype is not an option

Group Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney

Group guitar lessons are available to anyone of all ages and levels wanting to learn with friends, family or in a social group atmosphere. The guitar lessons are given in a supportive, non-intimidating, enjoyable environment and are structured. We keep the class numbers small (max. of 4) so you get the maximum attention.

​What You’ll Learn at Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney

  • Beginner Guitar Lessons
  • Intermediate Guitar Lessons
  • Advanced Guitar Lessons
  • Electric Guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Classical guitar
  • Finger picking technique
  • Mastering Strumming and Rhythm Guitar
  • Lead guitar
  • Rock guitar
  • Jazz guitar
  • Flamenco Guitar
  • Metal guitar
  • Guitar Improvisation
  • Guitar theory
  • Reading music for guitar
  • Reading guitar tab
  • Australian Music Examination Board Guitar Exams
  • CPM Guitar exams

​Why Choose Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney

We create an amazing, fun and relaxed environment where you’ll look forward to coming to as you work towards learning guitar mastery. Here are some great reasons to choose Mike for your Guitar lessons

  1. Advanced teaching techniques enabling your to reach faster results and have more fun
  2. Learn songs you want to play faster
  3. One on One lessons for 100% individual attention and personalised progress in the direction that you want to go
  4. Always have the same teacher to monitor your progress
  5. Over 20 years guitar teaching experience
  6. Formal NSW Gov approval to Work With Children WWC1646795E
  7. Currently performing all over Sydney
  8. Recording and producing experience (see backing tracks)
  9. Group guitar lessons available for those wanting to learn with others or friends
  10. Resource Enabled Teaching Studio to allow for us to teach you any song you request
  11. Mike holds a Bachelor of Music and an A.Mus.A. He is a full time guitar music teacher, player and composer
  12. Online resources available for students to share and gain knowledge
  13. Easy access location
  14. Silent Rooms
  15. Guitars available for lease if you want to try before you commit
  16. Free parking
  17. Much more…​

Beginner Guitars for Sale

Buying your first guitar as a beginner can be a daunting task as you often have no idea what to look for and can barely play the thing to know if it’s any good. As a result I’ve provided top quality options for beginner guitarists, all beginner guitars have a 12 month warranty, are brand new, German designed and include free string installation (for when they break) and check ups for 12 months from date of purchase. If these options aren’t convenient you can also refer to my blog: Buying Your First Guitar

Prices are in AUD and if unable to pick up delivery can be arranged, get in touch for freight prices.

Guitars for Adults

Smaller Guitars for Children

Location and Hours

Learn how to play guitar like a pro! All lessons are customised to your skill level and you’ll see progress weekly. Check out Reviews!

Guitar Lessons North Shore Sydney
481 Willoughby rd
Willoughby Sydney
​NSW, 2068

P: 0412355996

9am – 9pm

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