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Mike RizkSpanish Guitarist Mike Rizk is a multi-instrumentalist and full time musician specialising in Flamenco and Spanish guitar, He is also one of the pioneers of Flamenco-Electro House Music and has over 30 years experience in performance and teaching

Mike holds a Bachelor of Music, and is an Associate in Music (AMusA). He plays all styles of music (Jazz, Rock. Blues, Contemporary etc.) however over the last few years has specialised in Flamenco/Spanish Guitar and as a result his guitar style of choice has evolved into what he calls ‘Spanish Guitar Fusion’ which is a combination of Spanish Guitar, Flamenco, Jazz, Classical and Contemporary music

Mike based in Sydney has performed and recorded in Australia and overseas with various artists and has taught many students to play all styles of music at different levels. Mike owns and runs MR-Studio which is a music production company and has written and produced original compositions for multimedia projects including television, radio and is currently composing and working on some interesting projects in the art space of Sydney

Mike is also the founder and producer of Sydney Backing Tracks  which has thousands of daily streams world wide and is used by singers, lead instruments, bassists and percussionists for multimedia and tuition purposes

Mike under Spanish Guitarist Sydney is available to perform a range of beautiful Spanish and Flamenco guitar at various events such as Concerts, Festivals, Weddings, Corporate Functions, Birthdays, Special Moments, Markets etc. and can perform session work for singers and bands

His performance style of music varies from solo Flamenco/Spanish guitar and Gypsy Kings style guitar to Flamenco House which Mike is only one of a handful of people world wide performing and recording this genre

Mike can write compositions for songwriters, television and other multimedia projects. Mike in collaboration with other musicians has recorded lot’s and lot’s of licensed well known songs which can be purchased from this site. Mike can also produce bespoke songs for budding musicians who have the lyrics but need help with the music

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Wedding Guitarist Sydney | Spanish Guitarist Sydney
Mike holds an AMusA and Bachelor of Music. He has been playing music for over 30 years and teaching for the last 20 both guitar and piano

Mike teaches all styles such as rock, pop, jazz contemporary, classical etc. His lessons are suitable for all ages and levels

Music lessons are structured, fun and tailored. You’re guaranteed to see weekly progress and will be playing songs, master pieces, improvising and composing/rearranging before you know it

Wedding Guitarist Sydney | Spanish Guitarist Sydney

Our Music Team Building program will give you a 360 degree experience of what it takes to work together as musicians

We assume you have no knowledge and give you the tools to be performing by the end of the session

We have several packages available, inquire to find out more

This unique experience. ‘Is team building that doesn’t feel like team building’

Wedding Guitarist Sydney | Spanish Guitarist Sydney
Our store specialises in Acoustic (Steel string), Classical (Nylon string) and Flamenco guitars

Get expert advice for beginners to the most advanced, from children to adults whatever you need, you’ll find it here

We operate as an online and click and collect store. All products are listed on our website

Price matching and special deals are available on all products, simply ask


Tempstead Rumba




Austins Train

Pasando Tiempo


Ave Maria

Brisas Habaneras

Electro Flamenco
What is a Flamenco Guitar

What is a Flamenco Guitar

What is a Flamenco Guitar A flamenco guitar is a specific type of guitar that is designed and used for playing flamenco music. It has distinct characteristics that set it apart from other types of guitars. The construction of a flamenco guitar is typically lighter and...

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History of Flamenco Guitar

History of Flamenco Guitar

History of Flamenco Guitar The history of Flamenco guitar is a style of guitar playing that originated from the Andalusian region of southern Spain, particularly in the regions of Andalusia, Extremadura, and Murcia. Flamenco guitar is closely associated with the...

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History of Flamenco

History of Flamenco

History of Flamenco Flamenco is a captivating art form that encompasses music, dance, and singing, originating from the Andalusian region of Spain. The history of Flamenco can be traced back to the 18th century when it emerged as a unique expression of the...

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Wedding Guitarist Sydney | Spanish Guitarist Sydney
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Wedding Guitarist Sydney | Spanish Guitarist Sydney

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