Hi Mike,

My name is Alicia and I’m Brads girlfriend. I’m sorry to bother you cold like this without having met you, but I was hoping I could please seek your advice on a guitar for Brad. I am looking to buy one for him for his birthday (which is this Sunday) and Christmas. I’ll be in Sydney this Monday and Tuesday, and will be looking to buy one on Tuesday morning before he arrives back Tuesday evening from his week in Cairns.

I’m looking at an acoustic/electric, but wouldn’t have any idea as to what brands are best, or where to go in Sydney to buy one. I’ve looked around on the net, but I’m not too familiar with guitars. I’ve been saving for months and my budget I guess is between 500-1000 (around $700 ideally), which I can only hope is enough to buy a decent guitar?… but I guess budget just depends on the guitar – if a really good one was a bit over 1k then I’d consider this.

Other than sales folk in the store, I don’t know anyone who knows guitars, so if you have any tips or suggestions I’d be deeply grateful. I know he’s discussed guitars with you before, so thought you might know what would suit him. Feel free to give me a call this weekend on 0405 ******** if easier, or if you’re too busy then no problem at all!