Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons are available worldwide from my Studio in Sydney, Australia. Learn the art of
guitar from the luxury of your own home via your own personal professional online guitar teacher

Why Online Guitar Lessons?

Nothing will ever substitute seeing a guitar teacher in person however in some cases this is not always
possible and having an online guitar teacher at your disposal may be just what you need. YouTube and
other online resources can be extremely useful however; it can be a somewhat haphazard approach to
learning. Online videos don’t actually listen to you play and point out how you can best improve, nor do they offer any structure for logical progression. Nothing can substitute getting real-time feedback on your playing, technique and help with your own compositions or song arrangements. having your own personal online guitar teacher with over 30 years experience to whom you can ask any musical question is invaluable and will help you on your guitar journey.

What you’ll need for Online Guitar Lessons:

  • The latest version of an Online application such as Whatsapp
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Webcam/Microphone/Headphones
  • A PayPal account or Credit Card
  • A Guitar

The Online Guitar Lessons:
Lessons are available for beginners and advanced students and are tailored to the individual as everyone learns at different paces and has different goals. Some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Songs
  • Techniques
  • Style
  • Music Theory
  • Timing
  • Improvisation
  • Arranging/Composition
  • Accreditation
  • Anything else

I use standard international texts creating a structured classroom allowing you to measure your
progress. The texts we’ll use will depend on what style you want to learn. The idea with my lessons is
to give you the foundations of guitar so you can apply what you’ve learnt to any song or your own
compositions. I want to make you a complete guitarist.

How To Register:
Contact me and let me know what time zone you are in, how many lessons you are interested in and your Online app information. I will then get in touch and we can schedule a time for the lesson. Payment must be received minimum of 48 hours before the lesson.

Once payment is made all lessons are final. However if you can’t make a class I’ll do my best to

Get your own personal online guitar teacher today