Guitar for Singers

There’s loads of singers with great voices however most of them unfortunately are unable to play an instrument or if they can, they play it really poorly

As a result they rely on other musicians to accompany them for rehearsals, gigs and studio sessions

Over the years our music school has received tons of requests from singers for guitar lessons to remedy this issue

Through experience and identifying a musical need for singers MR-Studio has created a unique course called Guitar for Singers

This course tailors guitar lessons for singers or songwriters to accompany themselves singing regardless of their level

We incorporate guitar techniques and theory which are centered around singers being able to accompany themselves for any song

Guitar for Singers Course

The course initially starts with guitar fundamentals including rhythm guitar and exercises and builds from there

Turn around time for a beginner undertaking this course to play and sing a song is approximately 6 to 8 weeks

The knowledge learnt in this course can be applied to any song and will improve your musical ability

Our guitar instructors have a vocal background and will help you incorporate the coordination of voice and playing including getting the right pitch

Our course will also give you exercises for ear training to help with your musical ear development

In addition to basic fundamentals we cover the theory of melody and application for those of you who want to go a step further with your singing technical knowledge

The skills learnt in this course will contribute to you becoming a better musician

You will be amazed how fast everything comes together and will have a lot of guess work removed

These classes will create independence in singers and singer-songwriters

After completing Guitar for Singers you’ll no longer have to rely on others to accompany you

There is also the opportunity to continue your guitar course towards mastery should you choose through our beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar lessons

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