Activities For School Holidays and Weekend Activities for Kids

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We run a fun musical group activity every Saturday morning from our Willoughby studio for kids aged between 7 and 12 years

This activity is creative, fun, educational and includes all participants working together

Main outcome of this kids activity is to:

  • Gain a basic understanding of music
  • Induce creativity as we write our own songs
  • Increase curiosity of music
  • Build confidence
  • Have fun

Parents will be emailed the final group song as a token of the musical kids activity

This activity goes for approximately one hour and costs $100

If your child is eligible for the creative kids voucher then this will offset any cost

The topics we cover are:

  • Fun facts about music
  • Group timing exercises
  • Group singing
  • Writing lyrics to a song
  • Singing our own group song with music added

Activities for Kids Timetable

During school holidays we run this kids activity three times a week for different age levels

No musical knowledge or experience is required to participate in these activities

NoN School Holidays

Saturday10:00 to 11:007 to 12 years

School Holidays

Monday10:00 to 11:007 to 12 years
Wednesday10:00 to 11:0011 to 16 years
Friday10:00 to 11:007 to 12 years

More Info Activities for Kids

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School Holiday Activities and Activities for Kids classes are currently limited to 12 per class due to Covid 19 restrictions