Funeral Music Sydney

Choosing the right Funeral Music is not an easy thing to do as the music you choose often reflects your relationship with the deceased and how you are feeling. There is no doubt however that music plays a large important part in the funeral service hence the need to get it right on the day.

I offer beautiful instrumental Spanish/Classical guitar for funeral services in Sydney. This is a good choice when words can’t describe how you are feeling and for reflection and peace. It is also a good choice to allow mourners to talk and remember the deceased. The music can be used at any stage of the Funeral. It can be used at the prelude i.e. as mourners are arriving for the service, at the service, at the burial and at the wake or after service. In some cases you may only want music for certain parts of the Funeral. I understand that these will be difficult times therefore I am extremely flexible with any arrangement made by the family. I will also ensure that the day runs seamlessly. Get in touch for a no obligation discussion.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing Funeral Music. It is entirely a personal choice. If you are planning on using Funeral Music at the service it is good to note that most services will only allow time for 3 songs to be played. You should check with the person conducting the Funeral as this will help you decide when to use the music. Generally before service or after service the use of music is more flexible.

Funeral Music Sydney Samples

If you have any special requests for music on the day it is possible for me to learn it. There’s also a good chance I may already know it. To find out options and discuss feel free to get in touch.