Guitar Lessons for Beginners Sydney

Guitar Lessons for Beginners is a course designed to fast track you playing the guitar

It’s 8 weeks duration in a fun and relaxed environment where you’ll obtain an understanding of basic chords, music theory and quickly be able to apply this knowledge to songs in a very short time

Your teacher is an experienced musician with over 20 years teaching who will be able to guide you on all things guitar, answer all your questions and get you strumming away playing songs in no time.

The Guitar Lessons for Beginners Sydney course is primarily designed for novice guitarists who are keen to learn songs and get playing quickly

No previous knowledge of guitar is assumed. The Guitar Lessons for Beginners course may be used as a stepping stone to further your guitar education.

If you’re a beginner guitarist wanting to become a more complete guitarist from the first day then please refer to the guitar lessons section of this website or get in touch directly for further information.

The Guitar Lessons for Beginners Sydney course is taught in a group environment

You may join the course at any time as each lesson will cover new beginner material

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Sydney course Syllabus

Here are a few examples of what you can expect to learn each week

  • Basic Chords (part 1)
  • Reading TAB
  • Scales
  • Basic Chords (part 2)
  • Strumming Patterns
  • Popular songs – e.g. Killing me softly, You are my sunshine
  • More..

End of Course Outcome

By the end of the course you’ll have learnt the following

  • Open Chords and Techniques for playing (examples of chords you will learn)
  • Guitar Lessons for Beginners Sydney Guitar Lessons for Beginners Sydney

  • Performed a song and be able to apply knowledge to any song
  • An understanding of basic music theory
  • A pathway to continue your guitar education
  • Be able to understand sheet music
  • Have an understanding of improvisation

Guitar Lessons for Beginners Requirements

Your guitar, pad and pencil. If you don’t have a guitar there are guitars onsite available for free use or lease should you want to take one home for practice.

For more information or to book a class contact your friendly guitar teacher. Check out what other students are saying about Guitar Lessons