Flamenco Guitar Lessons Sydney

Flamenco Guitar has its origins from Southern Spain. Soleares, Seguiriyas, Tangos, Fandangos and Bulerias are some of the popular styles in Flamenco. Each with their own sound and rhythm categorised by specific harmonic progressions and consequent melodic embellishments.

You may be surprised to know that sheet music reading is not a requirement to play Flamenco guitar. As a matter of fact most Flamenco Guitarists are taught by ear and sight. This makes Flamenco Guitar Lessons Sydney a great choice for any self-taught guitarists or beginner to advanced guitarist who have never learnt to read music.

I use a similar approach of ear and sight in my own teaching, with one important difference. The average Spanish guitar student has been exposed to the best flamenco music in the world for years before they take up the guitar. As a result, it’s in their blood and they will pick it up quickly. Most other students have to learn about the world of flamenco while learning to play it. Unless they already have a strong background in Flamenco Guitar, I tend to start out my students using visual tuition such as TAB or Notes. This gives students visuals for practice rather than relying on memory and makes the course much easier.

What You’ll Learn

Flamenco Guitar Lessons Sydney will teach you:

  • Left and right hand technique.
  • Rhythm and variations needed to create intensity.
  • principles of harmonic progression.
  • Percussive Techniques.
  • Compas (rhythmic pattern of different songs).
  • Improvisation.
  • Composition.
  • Exercises.
  • Songs.
  • Theory.
  • How to read TAB or improve your note reading

Requirements for Flamenco Guitar Lessons Sydney

There are no requirements for this course however having played guitar previously will definitely help. Please email us at Flamenco Guitar Lessons Sydney for details.

Flamenco guitar is a great discipline that requires patience in the learning process. It is beautiful music, great fun and an extremely satisfying social experience solo or when played with others.

Example of Songs to be learnt at Flamenco Guitar Lessons Sydney