A question was asked from one of my students whether I make mistakes while performing and that has prompted me to write this article.

Firstly I’d like to point out that musicians make mistakes all the time. Its very hard to consistently play any piece perfectly %100 consistently, however What differs the pros from the amateurs is how you deal with the mistakes. The pros have learnt to keep going, and make their mistakes sound like they were meant to be part of the show, partly it’s playing with confidence and making every note count whether right or not and also ignoring any mistakes made and continuing.

In a studio environment mistakes are removed by the sound engineers and corrected. Having spent many hours recording I can tell you it’s a long laborious process, let’s just say I know why it can take a band a year or two to create an album going at it day and night.

To sum up, yes musicians make mistakes performing and if you have a song under your belt and get it right most of the time and want to play it live but aren’t sure then the best thing I can suggest it to just get out there and play and ignore any mistakes. Keep going!