Hi Mike,

I’ve been practicing scales with a metronome everyday day for a whole year and have came to the conclusion that it wasnt worth it and that I was better doing other stuff in that time. My end goal is to create good original music therefore I feel like I should be doing musical stuff. So what I do when I practice now is:

1: Practicing songs and learning new ones, where I slow down difficult parts and practice them very slowly with a metronome .
2: Practicing improvising over backing tracks. Lately my focus on this area being targeting chord tones and being aware of the underlying rhythm / arrangement.
3: Creating my own songs and riffs. Both writing lyrics, practicing my singing ( which is great fun!) And the instrument parts.
4: Reading about theory and learning new chords along the neck.

My question is really simple: Am I missing anything?? Should I do anything apart from this? As you might understand im just guessing and need some advice