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We recently attended a musical team building workshop. We found Mike's teaching style to be very patient, talented and professional. My husband came along as a beginner in guitar and was so impressed with how he learnt to understand not only the basics of how to play a guitar, but how to learn a song from beginning to end.We would highly recommend attending this musical experience for anyone, from beginner to advanced levels of music. You will have fun, be entertained and come away feeling more confident in your musical ability. We did.Fiona and Rossread more
Fiona Mochrie
05:01 03 Jul 20
A fun way to learn a new skill and perform as a team and have a greater appreciation of how a band more
Mark Aliprandi
09:43 28 Jun 20
A totally fun and effective team building group activity
Bec Renolds
00:18 18 Jun 20
A very unique and fun group activity in Sydney. Still can't believe we were able to play a song at the end of it all. Lots of fun ๐Ÿ™‚read more
Anne Walsh
23:20 02 Jun 20
A fun team building activity in Sydney. Recommend for anyone who likes music
Javid Singh
05:34 27 May 20

Team Building Activities Sydney: Music

Team Building Activities Sydney: Music is a program where you’ll get a 360 degree experience of what it takes to play an instrument, work as a team and be in a band

Our team building activities will immerse your teams, colleagues and friends in musical experiences designed to strengthen bonds, increase knowledge and articulate your brand where this is the purpose

You’ll find our team building activities to be unique, enjoyable, educational and a great way for people to learn to work together and have fun

We’ll also give you the opportunity to keep your instruments after the activity and take further lessons so you and your colleagues/friends can keep ‘rocking on’


What We Offer

We offer employees, teammates, colleagues and groups of people the opportunity to bond, work together and have fun through music

If you are a corporate entity we can also help enhance brand awareness through writing, composing and performing your own anthem

We provide detailed instruction on how to play instruments such as guitar, percussion, voice etc in order to work together to play songs or write team anthems where we will compose the music and you can sing along to

We have spent much time and effort designing this unique team building activity so that no musical knowledge or experience is required. The activity will cater for the most non musical person in your organization

We have several musical team building activities available for all budgets and levels:

  • Simple Song Team Building
  • Complex Song Team Building
  • Improvisation Team Building
  • Write Your Own Team/Company Song

This experience is extremely unique and not available elsewhere. It will give you a true feeling of what it’s like to work as a team and perform in a band

Combined with over 30 years of instruction, recording and performance experience you’ll be in very good hands



  • Have fun
  • Do something you never thought you could
  • Work as a team/band
  • Become a team player
  • Learn something new
  • Build brand awareness
  • Induce creativity
  • Bring out the inner musician

For these activities, you donโ€™t have to be a musician or know anything about music to take part

Our tried and tested method ensures that everyone can get involved and produce beautiful music

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to play songs when given the right instruction

Team Building Activities Sydney

The following options are available for your musical team building experience

Simple Song Team Building

What’s included:

  • 2 hour duration
  • Play some of the worlds most popular songs
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Instruments included
  • BYO Drinks
  • Basic music theory
  • Learning to work together as a band
  • Music concepts to take your band further

Advanced Song Team Building

What’s included:

  • 4ย  hour duration
  • Instruments included
  • Music theory
  • Singing
  • Percussion
  • Rhythm and Lead guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • BYO
  • Learn a simple song
  • Play a more complex song
  • Learning to work together as a band

Improvisation Team Building

What’s included:

  • 6 hour duration (over 2 days)
  • Instruments included
  • Music theory
  • Detailed instruction
  • BYO
  • More advanced music theory
  • Improvisation theory
  • Learn a simple song
  • Play a more complex song
  • Massive jam session using improvisation
  • Learning to work together as a band

Write Your Own Team/Company Anthem

What’s included:

  • 2 hour duration
  • Professional singer
  • BYO
  • Basic singing theory
  • Lyric writing
  • Music composition
  • Singing the new team song with composed music

Musical Topics Covered

Team Building Activities Sydney
Team Building Activities Sydney
Team Building Activities Sydney
Team Building Activities Sydney
Team Building Activities Sydney
Team Building Activities Sydney
Team Building Activities Sydney
Team Building Activities Sydney

Team Building Activities Sydney: Music

Additional Information

Q: Where are the venues?

A: We are able to provide this experience at any venue within NSW

Or at our Willoughby venue (max 20 ppl) or Crows Nest (max 50 ppl)

Q: Do we need any musical experience or knowledge?

A: No, our instruction will be based on no one knowing what music is ๐Ÿ™‚

If you do happen to know a bit about music don’t worry as we’ll give you more challenging things to do in the group

Q: Is there a minimum number of participants?

A: For all Team Building Activities Sydney there must be a minimum of 8 participants

Q: What are the instruments covered?

A: Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitars and Percussion

Q: What qualifications does your instructor have?

A: Bachelor in Music, Computer Science and a Masters of Business Administration also a ton of experience performing and recording

Q: Are the instruments provided

A: Yes, all instruments, training material and accessories will be provided

You only need to bring yourself

Q: How does this group activity help with team building?

A: In order to play a song that sounds nice with multiple instruments you need to be able to work as one

This activity will get your group working as a band with the common goal of making music and playing a song

Essentially one won’t work without the other

We have a range of instruments that the most non musical person will be able to play

Q: Will everyone in my team will have fun and be engaged?

A: 100%. There will be no boredom. Everyone will find this program engaging, fun and will not be bored at any time

In fact, you might find the crazy, creative side of you never knew you had ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: Are these activities open to anyone

A: Yes, all you need is a minimum group of 4 people

Contact Information

Contact Details

P: (02) 8593 9745
M: 0412 355 996
Address: Ground Floor G03/481-483 Willoughby rd, Willoughby 2068 (Behind Wynstan Blinds)

Business Hours:

Monday: 9:00 to 18:00
Tuesday: 9:00 to 18:00
Wednesday: 9:00 to 18:00
Thursday: 9:00 to 18:00
Friday: 9:00 to 18:00

Team Building Activities Sydney: Music

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Instructor Reviews

Team Building Activities Sydney

Iโ€™m a self taught guitarist whose been playing almost 15 years. I wanted to get past some plateaus in my playing and learn theory and Mike has been great for it. Mike has a relaxed vibe and takes a real interest in seeing you progress. He mixes in his teaching with great insights and tips in how to apply it to your playing. His lessons are flexible and focused around where you want to go with your playing.He also goes beyond and tries to link you in with other people to play music with or venues/gigs that could be a good fit. If you are looking to start playing or feel a bit stuck in your playing, Mike is a great teacher and definitely worth checking more
19:41 19 Dec 17
I wish I had come here sooner. I've been teaching myself to play the guitar for the last 12 months using the Internet with not much success. Mike provides structured lessons and sets expectations with time frames as to when you can start playing songs or doing improvisation etc. He's very patient and explains things well. He is also able to mix up the class if things get tough to keep the lessons enjoyable. I'm really loving my guitar more
Larissa Korsta
20:39 05 Feb 18
Mike is an extremely talented musician. I'm very happy with my guitar lessons and the progress I'm making. Mike is able to mix up the class to include supplementary material and incorporate other aspects of music to give the bigger picture such as singing and other musical instruments. If you want to master music and become a really good guitarist at the same time then I recommend you give Mike a more
maurice khoury
22:29 17 Feb 18
Mike has been teaching my 12 year old daughter the guitar for the last 6 months. She's been making great progress. His teaching style is very encouraging, structured and he is able to introduce alternative things when he can see she is struggling. He keeps her motivation high by teaching her things she wants to learn. I recommend Mike for anyone with children wanting to learn more
Audry Fordham
22:23 24 Feb 18
Mike has been teaching my two young children guitar and piano twice a week for the last year. He is very patient and encouraging. He creates an environment for learning. If you have children wanting to learn guitar and piano or either then I recommend you bring them to Mikeread more
Thomas Latif
21:01 03 Mar 18
Mike is very patient, experienced and professional. My son just started to learn piano, and Mike is his first piano teacher. He loves to go to piano lesson every week and progresses quickly. Highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants to learn more
celia W
10:19 18 Jun 21
Mike is a pretty relaxed, informative and patient teacher. He has lot's of experience. I suggest you come here if you want to learn musicread more
Alice Yen
07:31 04 Jul 21
Loving my piano lessons, Mike is a very experienced teacher who clearly knows his stuff, recommend for anyone wanting to learn piano and musicread more
Brian Docks
05:15 05 Aug 21
My son 7 enjoys his guitar lessons with Mike and look forward to it always! Mike is very patient and encourages kids to ask Qs, help them with layman explanations. He has immense knowledge and wants kids to have fun while they learn. Thanks more
bhaskar ashoka
10:05 03 Sep 21
Both my kids have been having music lessons with Mike for the past year, one on guitar (age 12) and one on piano (age 7). Mike is a great teacher and is friendly, patient and easy going. He teaches the art of musicality, rather than only technical perfection, which I think can be rare. Would highly recommend without hesitation!read more
Rachelle Johns
09:30 14 Oct 21