Backing Tracks for Songs

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Backing Tracks for Songs

Looking for great sounding backing tracks for songs is not easy. Hence our mission to make this task easier for you. We produce the best quality backing tracks as we use real musicians for recording with real instruments. If you go to the Top Karaoke Songs page you’ll see an array of some of the most popular songs ever made. All these backing tracks have been made using real audio and not midi hence making them sound better. Most of our competitors use midi for their backing tracks which gives a synthetic sound. Therefore if you’re after any backing tracks for songs then this is your one stop shop. We are constantly updating the backing track song list. If your backing track isn’t here either request it or keep visiting the site.

How it Works

Unlike other sites we’ll let you listen to the entire backing track song. This means you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting. You simply have a listen, play it as many times as you like and purchase. The price of the backing tracks for songs is in Australian Dollars and is between $1.50 and $3 depending on the song. As the currency used is Australian dollars you’ll get better value. Australian dollars are normally less than US Dollars or British Pounds. These are the currencies normally used by other sites.

All the backing tracks for songs will be in MP3 format and can be downloaded as soon as purchased. Once purchase is made you’ll have the option to either download directly from the site or from an email that gets sent once the payment is processed. There’s no need for messy logins or registrations like other sites. Simply get the backing tracks song immediately.

If you have any questions? Get in touch. Otherwise good luck with finding the backing tracks for songs you want to sing.