Group Guitar Lessons Sydney

Taking guitar lessons in a group is a fun and great way to learn the guitar.

Especially if you’re just starting out, want an overview of guitar or just want to try guitar lessons before you commit.

At our Group Guitar Lessons, we make sure our students feel comfortable and get the most from each class

Our Group Guitar Lessons are tailored for beginners and is a 10 week course

Each week we will cover new beginner material from basic chords, reading tab, scales to eventually playing a song

All material used in our guitar lessons come from internationally recognised texts and is in a structured easy to understand format.

We will explain everything thoroughly and work with you to make sure you feel confident with what you’re learning and be on hand to answer any questions.

This course will give you an excellent overview of what’s involved in learning guitar

Why Group Guitar Lessons Sydney

We are a great choice for anyone wanting to learn guitar.

  • Over 20 years experience teaching guitar to all levels and ages
  • Teach all styles of guitar and supply materials for students
  • You can join a group guitar lesson at anytime
  • Students can continue their learning after the group lessons are finished
  • Our group guitar classes are small, giving you the best learning advantage

With group guitar lessons Sydney, you can meet other similar minded people and have fun along the way while learning guitar.

We also provide online support and a way for students to connect. Check out our blogs.

Our group guitar lessons cover new topics at each class, this ensures everyone is at the same level.

Having other students work with you also helps you and others build each other and progress.

We will always do our best to fit you into group classes that are currently running or where requested we can always start a new group. We only need two or more people.

It’s amazing what learning an instrument can do, especially a versatile instrument such as the guitar.

Our group classes not only create future musicians but can create lifelong friendships.

If you want to learn how to play guitar, then learn with us! Call us today and build friendships while learning to become a Rock Star! See what other guitar lesson students have to say.

Examples of material that will be covered

How To Read TAB

Group Guitar Lessons Sydney

The C Chord

Group Guitar Lessons Sydney

The C Scale

Group Guitar Lessons Sydney